Woman Month by C&A

Empowering woman in the digital journey

Brand Moment

A brand that directly connects with the diversity and plurality of Brazilian women and is exploring in its communication the individual connection of each consumer has on key dates, such as Women's Day, the chance to get even closer to the consumer.

The Challenge

How to activate the Beauty category of C&A in the period of the date, empowering women and connecting with the values ​​of the brand built in recent years.

Our Idea

Understanding that the beauty sector of C&A brings products for all types of women and that this category connects with the individual moment of each one to empower and self-value, we saw the opportunity to identify relevant profiles of personas that represent consumers brand and recommend products that connect with each of these profiles.


Clustering the 3 personas profiles that beauty products allow you to explore, and that go beyond the lines of irreverence and authenticity, to bring the products that most connect with women (1) Vibrant, (2) Bold e (3) Powerful.

Through an unfolding of online communication, directing the message to each of these profiles, with products that best represent it and bringing exclusive promotions and an action that is no longer for women's day and extended throughout the month.

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