Johnson & Johnson Care Friday 2020

Fields: Innovation, Ecommerce

In 2020, we did not know what the economic reflexes would be and, mainly, how to deal with health care for everybody. It was because of this scenario that Johnson & Johnson's purpose #TakeCare was born. This concept brought together all teams in the company in favor of a real movement for health and care. Such a strong idea deserved to be highlighted on Black Friday. That's why we renamed the date and called it Care Friday, a new level of the brand in strategy, sales and activations for the period. The entire product portfolio was put together to enhance the brand. There were coordinated media actions, two unprecedented lives signed by Johnson & Johnson, a lot of publicity and coupons of unmissable discounts for everybody. The results were filled with big numbers, with sales growth at almost 175% higher than in 2019. It was the most relevant day in 2020 and also of all other years.

Live Shop opening video

Live Shop opening video


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