Centauro Father's Day

Return Sport to those who taught you...

Brand Moment

The second half of the year is marked by major promotional periods in retail and the first major date in the period is Father's Day - 4th best date of the year. An opportunity to direct the shopper to the date assortment of male items that Centauro offers, a brand that although segmented, offers a plurality of portfolio.

The Challenge

Traditional date of national retail and consolidated among shoppers has been catching up after the market crisis and has accumulated 3 years of consecutive growth. According to CNC, was expected a R$ 5.6 billion revenue for 2019. However, different from 'Mother's Day', the male audience is the destination that brings particularities of the profile and it is the increasing relevance among them that Centauro seeks when exploring the date.

Our Idea

Present the different styles that Centauro offers in the world of sports and bring a connection with the expressive moments that the date carries. Building a relationship between brand and shopper and attending each point of contact on the journey.


Through a campaign that inspires the shopper to gift, we directed the conversion through the categorization of assets that directed to the giftable profiles, covering all the main consumer styles, facilitating the journey and uniting it to a communication that accompanies you in relevant touchpoints, wherever he is.