Me Week, It's So Me

the date that happens first, only at C&A

Fields: Promotion, Ecommerce

Brand Moment

With the arrival of the main promotional date of the first half, we needed to explore the opportunities that this moment offers, especially when we see the growth curve of the shopping period and the increased interest of the shopper and the opportunity to bring this audience to Fashiontronics products from C&A.

The Challenge

How to build the date in a relevant way for the shopper and explore the differentials that C&A had offered in the period, bringing conversion interest to stores and building an opportunity asset. In addition to integrating communication with the brand's on channel.

Our Idea

We launched the campaign “Semana Muito Eu. O Dia do Consumidor acontece antes na C&A”.


We invited the shopper to give himself a gift, taking advantage of the chance to anticipate the purchase of products he was designing, with a discount at a C&A store. Thus, we create a bond with the consumer and suggest that there is no need to wait until the next big date of offers - Black Friday.


The campaign integrates out of home media, TV with regionalized broadcasts in the Northeast and radio actions focusing on the cities of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, in addition to internal communication in physical stores.

The Results

We consolidated a new campaign concept with the claim “Semana muito eu”, built a strategy with consistency between the shopper's journey touchpoints and generated media visibility directing to the launches that would be happening in the period, thus integrating the novelty mindset with the search for promotions that were highlighted in off and internal communication. In addition to taking the campaign and being present at eCommerce, retaining the maximum number of shoppers at different times of consideration.


Key Visual