The Best Black Friday

only happens with Johnson & Johnson

Brand Moment

A moment where all the company's spotlight is focused on the eCommerce channel, with its most important date on the calendar, Black Friday, is increasingly important on the national scene and is already the main date of channel purchases.

The Challenge

How to guide relevance to the broad portfolio of Johnson & Johnson products, on a date when shoppers are scheduling and conditioning their shopping mindset for other products or categories?

Our Idea

Schedule the purchase of shoppers conditioning for J&J offers, translating the cost-benefit opportunity through the concept “The best Black Friday only happens with Johnson & Johnson”


With a communication strategy phased in two pillar macros, being pre and during, and with execution monitored in real time, in addition to a dedicated hotsite, we executed an intense promotions plan with suggestions for offers and bundles.

The Results

In the first phase we build a hot list to, in the second phase, direct the promotions matched to the shopper's interests. After this we implemented a broad media strategy on Google, Facebook, Instagram relevant channels and email marketing to increase the visibility of promotions and target retailers, exceeding conversion expectations for the period.

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