Consumer Week

your routine asks Johnson & Johnson

Brand Moment

The beginning of the year brings great dates and festivities, but also brings the first big date of promotions in the first half, Consumer Day, which has been gaining traction and mirroring Black Friday. Opportunity to direct attention to connect with the shopper and connect him to the robust portfolio of Johnson & Johnson.

The Challenge

On March 15, Consumer Day is celebrated, a date that has been drawing the attention of shoppers. According to the IBN (Brazilian Institute of Neuromarketing and Neuroeconomics), 64.1% of consumers have heard about the date and that number represents an increase of 17% over the previous year. However, unlike the main date of the electronic retail, Black Friday, the shopper of that date has not yet prepared in advance to buy.

Our Idea

Take advantage of the great growth potential of the Consumer Week, and trigger impulse purchases at retailers so that consumers consider J&J products during the campaign, through performance media strategies inside and outside retailers, with a focus on conversion.


Transforming the date into a proprietary J&J campaign in e-commerce, appropriating the routine of using the company's products and building a relationship of consumption habit to connect brands and Shopper in the channel and make consumers who still do not wait for the date be programmed for purchases in advance, as they already do on Black Friday.

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