Your Every Morning Routine


The brand sought to create a new point of contact within the food channel, stimulating the time for shoppers to consume products from different categories and natural points such as: Oral Care; Hygiene & Bath; Beauty & Protection.

The Idea

Build this point of contact between brand and shopper from the moment of consumption of the products, bringing them together in a single space within the retailer and a break in the shopping journey programmed in this channel. Thus expanding the consideration of purchases and making the experience of the category in the channel more inviting.


Based on the principle of the most relevant products in the channel (Beauty and Hygiene), build the “awakening” of a ritual that begins with the mirror. We brought the concept of “Your every morning ritual”, generating empathy materialized through the act of looking in the mirror and transforming the use of products into a routine in the shopper’s life, bringing it closer to the moment of consumption and bringing importance to the products offered.