Kiss Week C&A

Send virtual kisses to those who is far away 

Fields: Promotion, Ecommerce

Brand Moment

The promotional calendar brings dates of great promotional opportunities that go beyond those traditionally known, which enhances strategies and increase sales. One of these dates is the Kiss Day, which takes place in April and entered the strategic radar of C&A, which has been investing in the beauty category as an extension of its Business.

However, in 2020 the pandemic caused by Covid-19 changed the way people relate to each other, which mainly impacted dates that promote people to get together and get closer.

The Challenge

How to explore a date that traditionally uses visual signs that direct to kiss, to contact, to romanticism in a moment that forces exactly the opposite?

In view of the exponential growth of ecommerce in the period, there is a need for a winning position that brings ownership to the C&A category.

Our Idea

The social distance imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic prevented people from exchanging kisses physically, so in view of the growing virtual interaction such as video calls, lives, challenges and selfies, we invited our shopper to take advantage of the date to share virtual kisses with people that she likes! And taking advantage of the great offers at Semana do Beijo C&A.


Offering a promotional week packed for the day of the kiss, we highlight categories that complement the shopper's shopping basket, with lipsticks as the campaign's hero. With that, we increased the ticket of the purchase consideration.


Key Visual