Fields: Promotion, Ecommerce

Brand Moment

Lacta is the pioneer brand in the production of Easter Eggs in Brazil and is reflected in the chocolate category, Easter as the main sales date of the year. But with the Covid-19 pandemic, he had to quickly change his robust planning for the period, due to the social isolation that would prevent people from going to physical stores to buy their eggs.

The Challenge

How to make it possible for the shopper to buy Easter eggs, changing the channel consideration to the online format in an easier way in an experience that is pleasant as well as the physical purchase.

Our Idea

Bringing the company's first proprietary sales website, Lacta em Casa, allowing the shopper to know which ecommerces would be selling the brand's Easter eggs and choose which fit their needs, thus facilitating and streamlining their journey with a quality Lacta experience.


To make the online experience the best it can be, we connect the shopper to major retailers and super apps like Rappi and iFood using geolocation as a key resource. With that, we integrate the entire brand portfolio using the best visibility and content resources on product pages. Thus, navigation became an experience and increased the shopper's consideration in a project that resulted in a 700% increase in sales.

As a result, we migrated a consolidated category in physical stores to the environment of ecommerces, also changing the shopper's perception that it is possible to buy Easter Eggs on many other channels. 


Key Visuals